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Experimenting with Watercolor Pencils

Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils

Last month I purchased some Albrecht Durer Watercolor pencils. I love the look of Watercolor, but have I have trouble controlling where the color goes if I use only a brush. So, I purchased 3 Aquash water brushs by Pentel. I really love how these brushes give me more control because I can lay the color down in the area I want and then go over it with the water brush. When the pencil is dry, I can layer over the image with colored pencil to refine detail. What is even more fun, is I can then go back and forth with the watercolor pencils, and colored pencil applying layer after layer. When adding colored pencil, if I need to blend I use Gamsol and I can achieve the same watercolor effect.

Seagull Trio

Following are several pictures I recently completed. Each image is 6x6 on Watercolor paper. I chose to do several beach scenes because the Farmers Market in Newport Beach, CA was having an Art Walk - so I was hoping to sell these. They will be available at the Art & Wine Fundraiser for Modjeska Canyon Ranch Rescue.

I plan on having cards made out of many of the images you see here. Stay tuned as they will be posted for sale on my Art Card page. The original images here are selling for $60 each.

Two Hungry Sandpipers

The first image is of a trio sea gulls flying over sand dunes at sunrise. Then we have two hungry Sandpipers on the beach.

Great Billed Heron

The next bird drawing is of a Great Billed Heron - photo reference used with permission by Israeli photographer Dubi Shapiro.

Common Greenshank

The following image is of a Common Greenshank. The photo reference was used with permission by Australian photographer Brian Huggett.

The next two drawings are of a White Browed Babbler and of a Grey Tailed Tattler. Again both photo references are from photographer Brian Huggett.

White Browed Babbler
Grey Tailed Tattler

These were a lot of fun to experiment with. I am really pleased with the results & highly recommend using the Watercolor pencils with Colored Pencils. The brands used in these drawings were Caran d'Ache Pablo's & Luminance, Faber-Castell Polychromos & some Prismascolor Verithins.

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