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Mosaics for the City Of Hope - Irvine

It's been awhile since I have done larger mosaics. I have been concentrating on doing a series of mini mosaics for local art fairs. Most of these range in sizes from 4x4, 4x6, 5x7 to 8x8, They are quick, fun to create and they sell. I belong to a local Art Group in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. One the participants is the coordinator for gathering the art for the walls, essentially setting up Art shows for the City of Hope Cancer Center in Irvine. So a lot of the local Artists in Orange County, CA have been submitting their art for these 6 month shows. I was asked to submit some mosaics as she had not juried in anything like that.

I have also been doing a lot of mosaics with hummingbirds recently, so this is one of them. This mosaic is 13 x 15 and is titled Garden Reflections. It is Glass on Glass. The other horizontal mosaic is 15 x 18, called Summertime. It has two hummingbirds.

I love creating mosaics with lots of colorful flowers. Poppies and Sunflowers are my favorites. The vertical mosaic is called Red Poppies - is 12.5 x 15.6, All of these mosaics are ready to hang.

I made three mosaics for this show. They all were accepted. The mosaics are on the 5th floor at the City of Hope in Irvine and can be seen from October 2023 through March 2024.


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