Work in Progress - Five Sparrows

I decided to try and work a little bit larger. Most of my drawings/paintings are 8x8. This one is 10x13. If it's successful, I will have to buy larger paper because currently 11x14 is the largest I have. Still working the Sparrows theme, I am amazed by how much God cares for the littlest, most insignificant creatures. I am posting several in progress drawings. On the right is the first in progress. I have begun sketching in the color. Below is a little farther along, this image has more detail in the leaves and log. The Sparrows are coming along nicely. Below is the most current image. I've still quite a bit of darkening to do in the background and I want to add more detail to the wings.

The importance of the Sparrow

I've been doing a lot of work this summer on birds, especially Sparrows. The sparrow isn't a brightly colored bird, in fact they are pretty ordinary. Male House Sparrows have gray heads, white cheeks, a black bib, and rufous neck – although in cities you may see some that are dull and grubby. Females are a plain buffy-brown overall with dingy gray-brown underparts. Their backs are noticeably striped with buff, black, and brown. These are some of our most common birds. Their constant presence outside our doors makes them easy to overlook and that is what has intriqued me about them. We regard them as seemingly insignificant, but in Matthew 10:29 it says: Are not two sparrows sold for a pen

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