Looking at Oz through a Window

Earlier this year I was asked to do a mosaic depicting the spiral of the yellow brick road. I spent many months just trying to picture how I wanted this to look. I finally decided on showing Oz through Dorothy's perspective before she stepped out of her house after landing in Munchkinland. My idea was to show what she might have seen through the window of her bedroom. I purchased an old window frame, stripped and stained it a dark walnut. The window glass was epoxied in so it would not come out. I then taped a large sketch I did on newsprint to the back of the window so I would have a guideline to follow. This mosaic and the one following are done in stained and colored mirrored glass.

Glass on Glass Mosaics

I decided to try a different type of mosaic than what I usually do. This type of mosaic is called glass on glass. I adhere stained glass right on top of clear glass in a frame. The series I have spent most of the spring and summer doing I have titled Floral Fantasy. The piece below is 12x36. These have been a lot of fun to do. I have enjoyed doing these, and they look pretty spectacular with the light shining through. They can be hung in a window, or on a wall.

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