Artists for Art's Sake Exhibition: November 15 - December 19, 2014.

I am so excited, my Mosaic of "Two Colorful Amazons" will be at the "Artists for Art's Sake Exhibition" at the Millard Sheets Art Center in Pomona. The exhibit runs from November 15th through December 19th 2014. The opening reception is on November 15th from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Other exhibition open dates are, each weekend Friday through Sunday: 12 noon to 5:00 p.m/ The exhibition is held as a fundraiser to support art education programs at the Center. In 1998, the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts was incorporated as a nonprofit organization with the purpose of helping to fill a gap in the cultural opportunities available for Pomona-area residents. The gallery’s vision is to become a year

Hidden Away

The picture on the right was taken very early in the process of layering colors and texture. I am finding it fairly time consuming. This is my first attempt at rendering fur. However, I do like the outcome. One of my favorite things about colored pencils is the ability to layer colors, it is this process which gives so something like fur so much depth. Below is the finished Rabbit. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the result. This particular subject matter was a commission.

Work in Progress - Iris drawings

I started work this week on some new flower images. I decided to work in multiples this time because the colors of each Iris are similar. I'm doing a 5x7 and an 8x8 of a Purple Iris. I've colored in the background using the grating technique I learned in Oregon. I have begun adding layers to the petals. This is done lightly in order to allow many layers of color. This creates depth in the painting. The Iris on the left is fairly close to being finished. I have set it aside for a few days because I have begun work on a rabbit. I have never done an animal before, so this is a new challenge for me. Below is the other Iris. This one is also pretty close to finished.

Hummingbird - A work in Progress

This last week I've been working on a new hummingbird drawing. I really enjoy drawing birds. In this painting I have been using a technique I learned this summer at a Workshop in Springfield, Oregon. The small grater is used to create a fine powder of Colored Pencil shavings. Next I take the Sofft Pastel Sponge and blend the powder into a selected area. This technique really speeds up the process of covering larger areas with color. I also love the soft look it creates. A closer look at the drawing. This piece is almost done. I just have some fine tuning of the flowers and hummingbird. I also plan on using this image to create another Art Card. Look for some new cards at my next show in

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