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Most Recent Village Drawings

Taking a brief break from the Glass on Glass Floral Mosaics. I picked up my Colored Pencils again & have been working on a series of Rural Villages, Colorful Alleyways and Old Ruins.

I was fortunate to get a set of Caran d'Ache Colored Pencils for a great bargain & wanted the chance to test them out. I wanted to see how they performed compared to my Caran d' Ache Pablos & Prismacolors. Happily, I really like them. They work well with all my other pencils and I have no problem with breakage.

The drawing on the left is of a 600 year old village in Zhongtian, Hunan, China. This one was a real challenge with all the stone work and the different colors. Permission to use the original photo was given by Gaetan Reuse of Travel Cathay. The link to the original picture can be found at:


On the right, the drawing is of one of the Colorful homes in the Cinque Terre in Monterosso, Liguria, Italy. I really enjoyed working on this one. The steps and the stone work was a bit of a challenge, but a lot fun to do.

​I really enjoy drawing rural villages, and alleyways. It is interesting to imagine where the pathway might lead and what could be waiting at the end of the road. One of these days I hope to explore many of these villages in Spain & Italy and maybe even retire in one of these countries someday.

I am hoping to get these drawings matted soon.

This coming weekend - September 24th, 2016 is a Fundraiser for the Modjeska Ranch Animal Rescue. I will be selling my drawings, art cards & mosaics at this event.

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