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Work in Progress - Five Sparrows

I decided to try and work a little bit larger.

Most of my drawings/paintings are 8x8. This one is 10x13. If it's successful, I will have to buy larger paper because currently 11x14 is the largest I have. Still working the Sparrows theme, I am amazed by how much God cares for the littlest, most insignificant creatures. I am posting several in progress drawings. On the right is the first in progress. I have begun sketching in the color. Below is a little farther along, this image has more detail in the leaves and log.

5 sparrows ll.png

The Sparrows are coming along nicely. Below is the most current image. I've still quite a bit of darkening to do in the background and I want to add more detail to the wings.

5 Sparrows lll.png

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